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OCR: A Level Biology

Biology A level is a challenging and stimulating course, building and extending the topics covered at IGCSE.
Many topics are studied in great detail including ecology, cell biology, genetics, respiration, conservation and diseases.
The course includes practical work throughout the 2 year course and students attend a field trip during Year 12 allowing pupils to gain experience of studying the ecology of different habitats.

If a deeper understanding of how living things work, interact and survive interests you then A level Biology is for you.
At Royal Russell we follow the OCR A level course which is a two-year linear course.

Course Content

Module Content Assessment Weighting
Module 1 Development of Practical Skills

Biological processes (01) 100 marks
2¼ hours, written paper

Module 2 Foundations in Biology
Module 3 Exchange and Transport Biological diversity (02) 100 marks
2¼ hours, written paper
Module 4 Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease
Module 5 Communication, Homeostasis and Energy Unified Biology (03) 70 marks
1½ hours, written paper
Module 6 Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems Practical endorsement in Biology (04)
(non-exam assessment) 

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Looking Further Ahead

Our A level Biology students have progressed to study several different Biology related subjects at university. These subjects include Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Science, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Sports Science, Pharmacy and Veterinary Nursing.