Boarders' Co-curricular Activities

Boarders have access to a fantastic range of activities on every day of the week. There are a huge range of clubs on every day from Monday-Friday. Boarders also then have their own regular activities which run every weekend, such as Cookery club or extra sports practices. And on Sundays there is almost always a trip out somewhere exciting.

Our Boarders have had so much fun this year. We have been climbing, trampolining, go-kart racing, had an incredible Fireworks Display and Halloween party, had fun dry-slope skiing and visited Chistlehurst Caves. 

Our close proximity to the attractions in London enable us to see the sights on a regular basis. We visited the Tower of London, London Eye and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science museum and took a boat ride along the River Thames.

There are also many activities on-site, including great Craft and Cookery workshops and Sporting activities. 

We have held regular themed dinner events, including a spectacular Spanish night with great tapas and Spanish dancing, Chinese New Year, French Night, a Great British evening and many more.

Regular weekly activities

Royal Russell has an extensive range of activities running for all pupils at lunchtimes and after school. Among the most popular are Sport clubs (e.g. Football, tennis, hockey, basketball, tennis, table-tennis, netball and swimming), Music (e.g. Jazz Band, Swing Band and Choir), Drama, CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and Model United Nations (MUN). Some of the more unusual include Bridge Club, Scratch Game Creation Club, Driving School and Puzzles & Games Club. There are also opportunities for pupils to learn another language outside of normal lessons.

Regular weekend activities for boarders

Boarders have access to the sports facilities during the weekend as well as their own in-house facilities. There are also regular activities such as Cooking club and Japanese language lessons. If all else fails it is only 8 minutes on the tram to the fantastic selection of shops and restaurants in Croydon.

Boarders Activities – Sunday trips

There are an amazing range of trips available for all ages on Sundays. We are always seeking boarders opinions to see where they would like to go. Trips such as go-karting, Thorpe Park Theme Park and 3-D Cinema are always popular. But there are many more. This year we have had several Craft Workshops on site which have proved very popular.

If there is nothing here that you like the look of, you could always try a run around our beautiful woodland Cross-Country running course!



Boarders Trip to Brighton

The Boarders enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach on Sunday. We spent time on the pier, on some rides and ate some fish and chips. Some decided to go for a whole lobster in a seafood restaurant. We also spent time shopping in the Lanes.

A very enjoyable day in the glorious Sussex sunshine.

International Dinner Night

Latessa Wing, Queen’s House, had an amazing international dinner and karaoke night with food coming from Spain, China, Japan, and Poland.

We enjoyed a range of  different tastes from spicy Chinese Kung Po chicken to savoury Spanish jamón ibérico, with a variety of delicious Polish snacks, and finishing with desserts such as sweet Japanese dorayakis made with red beans, and Spanish smooth turrón de Jijona made with honey and almonds.

We then enjoyed a few performances. Hana taught us the lyrics of a traditional Japanese song. Sofía and Aleksandra performed a romantic K-Pop song accompanied by some of the Chinese students, then Nuria and Marina delighted us with a wonderful flamenco dance.

The night gave us the opportunity to taste a variety of every culture living together in Latessa Wing. It brought us together and we were able to learn a little more about one another.

Boarders’ Food Committee

Last Wednesday evening, long after the plates were cleared, the Boarders’ Food Committee gathered in the Sixth Form Café for a meeting with the catering team.

Since the beginning of the school year, we have been actively listening, collecting feedback and communicating with the catering team to improve the quality of food and overall quality of life for the Boarders.

After a quick meeting, the committee, accompanied by Miss Calvet, had the chance to visit the kitchens. Miss Willis talked us through the daily challenge the catering staff face to ensure that no member of the community goes hungry and explained the sheer magnitude of the work that is done every day. We were fascinated by the equipment that keep the kitchens running and all the underground tunnels that lead to storerooms and other unexpected places.

After a number of meetings over the past few months, we are pleased to say that we managed to make some small changes to the menu. Some items are now served more frequently than others, and some are now in the process of being improved. In addition, Boarders are now able to have breakfast in their Houses on Saturday mornings and put forward recipes of their own to share with the School.

The Boarders’ Food Committee would like to thank the catering team for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to making more changes in the future, one step at a time.


The Boarders had their third session of Karting at Mitcham. Kris once again dominated, leaving all other racers in his wake to win the trophy.

Boarders Activities

The Boarders’ silk scarf making weekend activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended with some beautiful results.


Boarders go Karting

The Boarders had their second session at the quick Mitcham track. In a hotly contested day of racing, Kris was victorious by the slimmest of margins, less than a tenth of a second ahead of his closest rival. 

Boarders visit Horniman Museum

Last Sunday, we went to the Horniman Museum. It is quite an attractive name. When we arrived, it looked more like a park than a museum. We walked up the hill and entered the main part of the museum, where it's all about nature, the animals, the plants and the unseen creatures. There was a huge amount of collections on nature, they made them in such a vivid way that I could not tell the differences between the man made specimens and the real creatures had been put into glass cases for protection.

Then we went towards the Butterfly House which is the most important part if you come and visit this museum. They breed 6 types of butterflies there, and made a nice and warm greenhouse for them. The butterflies were not afraid of the people at all. If you stood still, they would probably land on your shoulder. We had an enjoyable time there with the butterflies and also took lots of pictures.

It was such a nice trip to have on a Sunday.

Boarders Trip to the Sea Life London Aquarium

The boarders spent a lovely afternoon in sunny central London at the Sea Life London Aquarium. They braved the shark tunnel and saw the penguins, then stopped for a talk on the rainforest.
Afterwards they had a picnic in Jubilee Gardens overlooking the river. This was a fun trip to staff and students alike.

Trip to Hever Castle

The Boarders all met together in the wee hours of Sunday morning, enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the dining hall and all eagerly hopped upon a mini coach to take them to Hever Castle. Much fun and excitement was had by all – especially as they fed ducks, petted dogs, explored the house of Anne Boleyn. Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was discovering Harry Potter’s maze from the Goblet of Fire and finally succeeding in navigating the water traps in the park’s water maze. 

Queen's Visit BoxPark

A group of Queen's girls enjoyed an evening out having dinner with their friends and three of the Queen's members of Staff at the BoxPark in Croydon.

This was organised as a lovely social event was needed by many at the end of the hard working School Academic year. Many girls from Queen's House were able to attend and it was nice to see such variety of Queen’s girls from Year 7 to 12.

Upon arrival at the BoxPark, we all found a table so that all 17 of us could sit together. We were told that Queens were kindly paying the students’ food and drinks, and then we were given a bit of time to walk around different stalls and choose our food. Ms Conde then came round to pay for it. As many of you probably already know, there is a pretty big variety of  different types of cultured food served at BoxPark, such as Spanish food at ‘Donde’, Thai food at ‘Thai Express’, and many more.
However, although many girls were walking around different stalls for quite a bit of time to make their decisions, at the end majority of us ended up getting food from ‘Yo’ and ‘Thai Express’, with some exceptions.

Overall, it was lovely evening with very nice summer weather, and we all our food and great company.

To all the girls in Queen’s House, enjoy a very well deserved summer and see you all in September!

Boarders Trip to Thorpe Park

Our Boarders spent a very pleasant, and extremely hot, day in the Surrey countryside spinning, twisting and dropping at the Thorpe Park theme park. Everyone left with a smile on their face and many with a new addition to their boarding quarters in the form of a soft toy. 

Boarders Big British Tea

As part of the Big British Tea, our Boarders enjoyed a sunny picnic on Chapel Quad, followed by a bouncy castle and a variety of inter-house traditional games organised by Mr McKenna.

There was much friendly competition between Queen’s, Cambridge and Oxford.

Star Wars Exhibition - May the force be with you!

Last Sunday, we went on a trip to The O2 in London to see the Star Wars Identities exhibition.

The exhibition was all about step by step creating our own Star Wars characters, whilst exploring the Star Wars universe and its heroes. At each stage out of ten we made decisions about the personality of our characters by touching certain areas with our electronic bracelet.

At the first stage, for example, we decided what our species (human, Wookiee, or any other alien from the star wars universe). Furthermore we could learn about the different factors that influence and define the personality, like our parents, life conditions of the place where we grew up, our idols, or our job.

Everything thing was very well explained using the two most famous Star Wars characters, Luke and Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader). Therefore the exhibition was very useful in understanding why Anakin chooses the path of the Sith, while Luke resists the temptations of the dark side. Even for someone, who was not familiar with the story or the films, it was possible to understand and enjoy the exhibition.

At every stage of the exhibition videos explained interesting biological facts about human nature and psychology to explore and understand the action as well as the personality of the characters in the Star Wars movies. Of course, it was amazing to see all the costumes and other devices (over 200 of them) used for the movies, for example, the original C-3PO version, R2D2, Darth Vader, Han Solo frozen in carbonite or even elements from the newest episode VII like BB8.

Even the most dedicated fan of the Star Wars films could extend his/her knowledge, as the exhibition provided much information about the director George Lucas and the development and creation of the movies. His own dog, for example was the inspiration for Han-Solo’s co-pilot Chewbacca.

At the end of the exhibition we could see our own created Star Wars characters, a result from all the different stages of the exhibition. And who knows, perhaps one of them will appear in a future Star Wars movie!


Churchill War Rooms Tour

A number of our international students visited the Churchill War Rooms last Sunday to view the offices where many of the key decisions affecting the UK during World War II were made. Beneath Whitehall, the rooms in the government bunker have been preserved as they would have been during the dark days of the war.

These underground rooms used to be the secret conference place for Churchill and the cabinet during WWII. The audio guide had introduced to us the living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and the conference room with a huge world map pasted on the wall. It also showed us the metal construction of the roof, which was  designed to protect this shelter from bomb attack. (“Some of the bombs even weighed up to 500 pounds!” )

Those of higher rank and importance, including government ministers, enjoyed larger beds and their own room whilst subordinates slept in close quarters off corridors that were not tall enough to stand in. We could imagine how stuffy the air must have been with all that cigar and cigarette smoke. One notable room was the Transatlantic Telephone Room from which Churchill could speak securely with the American President, Roosevelt, in Washington.

In the middle of the tour was the Churchill museum detailing the life of the 'greatest Briton of all time' (BBC Survey November 2002) and exhibiting objects used by Churchill (like his favourite spotted bow tie!) It also analyses the formation of his personality by various references from the school reports in his childhood to those innumerable conferences held all over the world that he attended during his lifetime. It was fun to try to use the old-fashioned typewriter. From this exhibition we have known him as not only a great leader that had dedicated his life to politics, but also a man of wisdom and humour. The video of his funeral shown in a corner of the museum really amazed me. The State Funeral was such an epic occasion with the slow march through the streets of the capital, and with all the citizens standing in great silence.

After two hours of exploring the museum we walked across St James' Park to stand outside one of London's iconic buildings. 'This building' said Mr Moseley 'has two links to our school. What are they?'

The first was easy - Buckingham Palace is the home of our Patron, Her Majesty The Queen. Sadly she was not at home last Sunday so we could not call in for tea. The second link was much more difficult. The architect who designed the front of the Palace also designed the buildings of Royal Russell. His name was Sir Aston Webb and he is commemorated on a stone plaque outside the Dining Hall.