Cambridge House

Cambridge is an eclectic and exciting boarding and day House for boys, and the Cambridge boys are well known for their friendly and welcoming atmosphere, industrious work ethic, and dedication to social and personal development. You will notice on entering the House, not only the good relations we try to foster within the year groups, but the positive rapport across year groups.

If there was to be a House motto it would be, “The Team Works”. Cambridge is a comfortable home to 40 Royal Russell students between the ages of 12 and 19 of a diverse social and ethnic mix.

There are six tutors attached to Cambridge (3 resident and 3 day tutors) and Mrs Jeffree. The resident tutors spend one evening each week on duty and share the weekends. The tutor monitors, chivvies and helps the tutees with organisation, work, extra-curricular activities, grades, reports and life at Royal Russell in general.

Mr Alan McKenna
Housemaster of Cambridge House