English Literature

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AQA: A Level English Literature

English Literature is a fascinating subject which teaches exceptional written and verbal communication skills and prepares students for an enormous range of exciting careers, such as: Marketing, Publishing, Advertising, Law, Teaching, TV and the Media and many, many more!

The course aims to teach students:

  • To enjoy reading widely, independently and critically
  • To explore how texts are constructed and appreciate authorial craft
  • To evaluate the social, cultural and historical conditions of the time in which the text was produced
  • To assess textual evidence and make confident judgements about characters, themes and wider ideas
  • To express opinions and construct arguments in clear and dynamic English.
  • To think outside the box, to debate ideas in lessons and to work with others in a fun, intellectually stimulating environment

Course Content

Paper Assessment Weighting
Paper 1: Love Through the Ages Shakespeare: Students will study a Shakespeare play in detail and be required to write an analytical response based on an extract in the examination.
Unseen Poetry: Students will be given two unseen poems to respond to and will be asked to compare and contrast them in the light of a critical comment.
Comparing Texts: Students will study two texts: one poetry anthology which is pre-1900 and one prose text (this year our students have studied The Great Gatsby) and compare the two.
Paper 2: Texts in Shared Contexts Students will study three texts: one prose, one poetry and one drama. The exam will include an unseen prose extract. Here are some themes students will explore: wars and the legacy of wars; personal and social identity; changing morality and social structures; gender, class, race and ethnicity; political upheaval and change; resistance and rebellion; imperialism, post-imperialism and nationalism; engagement with the social, political, personal and literary issues which have helped to shape the latter half of the 20th century and the early decades of the 21st century. 40%
Paper 3: Coursework Students will also write an extended coursework essay which will be a critical comparison of two texts. Students will study one with their teacher and the second text is the student’s own free choice. We hope that they will enjoy the independence this will provide them with - it will be like being in university! 20%

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Looking Further Ahead

An A Level in English Literature is a solid, academic qualification that will access undergraduate courses in any discipline. To a potential employer, it is a good indication of powers of expression, the ability to make reasoned judgements and an awareness of human experience.

Preivous students who have studied A Level English Literature have gone on to undertake many exciting things such as studying Media and Communications, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Management Studies and Journalism at leading Universities.