GCSE Drama

WJEC: GCSE DRAMA                                                                                                                                                                        OPTION SUBJECT


Drama is a fun and exciting subject, offering students the chance to work creatively and fully explore their imagination at the same time as developing their intellect. The nature of the subject means that team work, sharing ideas and being independent in your planning are essential skills. Skills which we seek to develop in every student through carefully structured schemes. These abilities are essential in their adult life, self-reliance, working with others and an ability to problem solve under pressure, are all part and parcel of today’s world. To further expand the students’ experience, we have visiting theatre companies performing in our well-equipped auditorium, as well as regular visits to London’s fabulous theatre land.

Students who study Drama at a senior level are also encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the Department; watching all exam GCSE and A level pieces and offering feedback; running a team in the House Drama Competition or taking the technical lead in performance work.



You will learn all the skills you need to create successful work in your exam pieces. We will work with a variety of texts and stimuli. These are drawn from plays, films, magazines and research and will be explored in a practical way and used to create pieces for performance. All work is in preparation for assessment in Year 11. You will have the chance to be marked as an actor, director, lighting or sound technician. You will learn what entertains an audience and how to create successful drama.







Devised Practical Performance

Unit 1 includes a performance of your own creation; and then this is internally moderated and externally assessed. The work should be influenced by a practitioner you have studied and the live theatre you have seen. You will complete a written document about the practical work created.








Performance from a Text

Externally assessed. Unit 2 involves creating a piece of drama from a script. This is performed to an external examiner.




Written Examination

Externally assessed. Unit 3 is a written examination. You will be asked questions on a play we have studied in class, this makes up two-thirds of the exam. The final third of the exam focuses on questions related to your decisions and performance in Unit 2.

1 ½ hours



When you have completed your GCSE, you can continue your studies at A level; as many of our students do. You can further develop your interests at university or drama school. Our students go on to study English and Drama or undertake pure Drama, scriptwriting or many of the backstage theatre courses available. Drama skills are not dismissed by higher education institutions and a Drama A level has not prevented any student from getting the offers they need from a university of their choice.