Medical Centre

A Warm Introduction

Our Health and Wellbeing Centre is staffed by 1 Lead Nurse, 2 additional Qualified Nurses, an Assistant Practitioner and a pool of regular bank nurses.

The team takes a student centric approach, supporting emotional and physical health needs; nurses work on a rotational basis and cover a 24 hour period including weekends and on call. The centre boasts from a wide skill set having nurses previously working in acute and primary care settings, which gives reassurance that your child is in safe hands.

The Health and Wellbeing Centre assesses minor injuries and administers prescribed and homely remedies if required. Individuals are holistically assessed, if further advice should be sought for more serious problems, a nurse will make a clinical judgement ensuring parents/guardian are informed. If a pupil is too unwell to remain at School or requires hospital treatment, the nursing staff will contact parents or guardians.

Other facilities available include regular counselling sessions, a doctor onsite once a week for boarding students and a warm and friendly environment.

Should you have any questions for the Health and Wellbeing Centre contact: or phone 020 8657 6922 Ext 212. 

IMPORTANT FORMS: (these are all under review)

(Boarders form)

(Medical Procedures/ Conditions Management[TB1]  Policy)

Medication Administration Request*

(*Please note: For all medications that need to be administered in School for pupils, the above form should be completed in full and sent into the Medical Centre)
Any incomplete forms or unlabelled medication may cause a delay in your child receiving their medication.

Services our Medical Centre Offers:

  • Care provided by three registered nurses and a qualified assistant practitioner
  • A comfortable facility with amenities to provide a calming and relaxing environment
  • Advanced Care Planning acute/complex conditions
  • The team work closely with primary/secondary care services to provide joint up care
  • Childhood immunisations/Travel immunisation advice
  • Mental Health/ Emotional Wellbeing
  • Counselling services provided twice weekly
  • Minor Injuries
  • Administration of regular/short term medication
  • Public Health and Emotional Health support.

For our Boarders:

  • Male and female bedded suites and one isolation room, all with WC’s and washing facilities, work stations and a comfortable lounge area and kitchen
  • Partnered with East Croydon Medical Centre (GP appoints available weekly at request) -
  • Dental appointments available
  • Support with primary and secondary care appointments as required