More Sports


House Sport

All pupils belong to one of nine Senior School Houses.  House Sport offers all pupils the opportunity to be involved in a competitive environment across a range of sports.

Regular competitions are held and pupils of all ages take part. Points for participations and score are awarded and count towards the end of House trophy.


Swimming occurs in both in core PE and academic PE lessons. There is also the opportunity to be involved in swimming sessions or squad training both before and after school. Royal Russell enjoys considerable success in local and regionsl competitions. 



Athletics is on the PE curriculum and a sport we focus on in games and as a club during the summer period, entering local and regional competitions.


Dance is on the rise and is something we offer in PE lessons. The co-curricular programme for this is expanding with street and break dance.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is an after-school club that allows students to compete in local leagues against other schools.


Volley ball is taught in PE and taken more seriously by the boarding community and after school club.


X-training is taught via our strength and conditioning facility throughout the week in extra clubs and PE.


Rubgy is taught in PE lessons in the 7's family format.


Futsal complements the football programme and is offered as an co-curricular club, delivered by specialist coaches.


Golf is a lunchtime club and is currently played by senior players utilising a strong local club.

Rounders and Softball

Rounders and softball are popular team sport in the summer term.

Biathlon and Triathlon

Biathlon and Triathlon is increasing in participation and success in competition, we also host the annual Restless triathlon, inviting a variety of local and regional schools.



The U18s enjoyed a 52-32 victory at home to Forest School. This was by far the best team performance of the year with contributions from everyone. Pavel Staykov had 8 blocks and too many rebounds to count. David Ho scored 18 points and had a great understanding with Zehao Li in the guard positions. Malachi came off the bench for 4 important rebounds, as did Kevin Shao for 6 points and Will Jones for a strong defensive display under the hoop. Amanfi Aggrey was superb on the fast break and was involved in the play of the game with David, following a great rebound and pass from Pavel. The squad is looking strong for the future in the league.