Other Ways to Support Us

There are many other ways you can support us. If you can help in any of the following ways, please contact the Development Office.

Giving your expertise

Sharing your experience and expertise can help influence university and career choices. 

Should you be able to talk to our students at our Careers Fair, during an Assembly or run a masterclass we would love to hear from you. You may also be able to mentor a student or provide interview training. 


Providing work experience

Introducing our students to the professional workplace and providing first-hand experience can give them a valuable competitive advantage.

It will help them aquire skills, both soft and technical, that cannot be taught in the classroom and a deeper understanding of their chosen career. 

Work experience is our students first step in their future professional development path. 

Placements can be in the form of a week, a summer or longer, and can include internships and apprenticeships. 


Donating a raffle or auction prize

Goods, services and experiences that can be raffled or auctioned at our events can raise additional funds in a fun and inclusive way. 

We are always delighted to receive donations from a bottle of wine to a week in the sun and everything in-between. 

Donations can be brought to our Reception area at any time, to be used at our next appropriate event, or please contact the Development Office.


Donating your services

Do you run your own business? Are you a part-time DJ or a magician? Do you have a flair for transforming or function spaces for events? Do you have equipment we could borrow for events? 

Whatever you can offer us, they'll lkely be a time when we'll need it, so please do contact the Development Office.


Donating your time

We often need additional help during our many events or with specific projects. Please do get in touch if you can spare us any of your time, or look out for our 'shout-outs' in our newsletter.