Politics appeals especially to those pupils interested in current affairs and those who enjoy debating.

Key Points

  • Smaill class sizes - allowing for plenty of discussion
  • Regular conference visits - pupils hear politicians and academics
  • Many pupils go on to study a Politics related course at university such as Law or International Relations

Departmental Features

A wide variety of teaching methods are used in lessons which include group work, internet research, pupil presentations, role play and whole class discussions.  Pupils also run mock elections and attend conferences with top politicians.

In Year 12, pupils study British Politics comparing theory and practice and looking at, among other things, elections, parliament, the constitution, the prime mimister and cabnet and the judiciary.  They also study the three main ideologies: socialism, liberation and conservativism.

In Year 13, pupils will follow a Global Politics course concentrating on the role of the main States and International Bodies, whilst focusing on current major newsworthy issues such as global warming, internation terrorism and human rights.  The different views on Feminism will also be studied.