The Senior school trampolining programme involves a weekly specialist session with our Elite performers bouncing at clubs linked to the school. We have close links with RSC who train at Royal Russell and many pupils compete outside school at Regional and National level.

We have 6 trampolines, 2 of competition standard and 4 training beds. We work closely with RSC who train at Royal Russell and compete on the National circuit, we have access to their 3 National standard trampolines when required.

We enter the National schools competitions and have great success at Regional level with lots of our trampolinists qualifying through to the Southern Zonal finals. For the past two years we have also had a pupil qualify as an individual for the National Schools finals, this is a truly amazing achievement to finish 6th and 7th in the whole country.

We also enter the Croydon Schools events where we win everything we enter from Elite level individuals to Novice teams we are a force to be reckoned within the borough. 

National Schools Trampoline finals 2018

Fourteen students travelled to Belfast for the National Schools Trampoline Finals. First up was Jamie who bounced really well to finish in a great 6th place individually in the U19 Novice group. In the afternoon it was rather busy with Matt bouncing brilliantly into 6th place in the U14 Elite section (the highest level possible), the U14 Intermediate team were next up with Anna, Emelie and Amelia in the first flight. They all performed their routines fantastically, posting great scores and putting the team into 2nd place.

Eivie jumped a brilliant set, posting an improved score and giving the team every chance of a medal. It was a tense wait while the final competitors jumped and the girls were absolutely delighted with an amazing 3rd place in the team competition.

The U13 Novice team were next to compete and once again did not disappoint. Hannah and Sophie put in great performances to give the team a good start. With Amy and Amber next up it was all to play for. The girls bounced brilliant routines to give the team a fab score and a final 5th place finish!

Finally it was the U19 Intermediate teams turn and we were hoping to finish the day on a real high. Emily put the team in a great position with 2 amazing routines. Eventually it was Grace and  Maddy’s turn and once again they bounced fantastic routines doing all they could to post a top score. The wait was agonising with the screen rolling through the scores slowly! We were elated when the team had finished 2nd!!

What a truly memorable weekend with 26 of the best routines the team could have produced under pressure, the coaches are very proud of their achievements.

Croydon Schools Trampoline Finals

The new investment in coaching staff and equipment clearly showed as we dominated the event. With 100% routine completion for the majority of the pupils it was great to see the progress the squad have made.

Croydon Schools Champions: U14 Novice - Amber and Marcus, U14 Elite - Anna and Matt, O14 Novice - Jamie, O14 Elite - Emily, U14 girls Novice A team, U14 and O14 Elite girls and O14 Novice We once again hosted the Croydon Schools Competition with 60 pupils from across the borough competing. boys.

Runners up: U14 Novice - Sophie, U14 Elite - Amelia, O14 Elite - Grace and Connor, O14 Novice - Ali and U14 girls Novice B team.


Southern Zonal Trampoline finals

What an amazing day the trampoline squad had on Sunday. Marcus and Connor both finished in an agonising 4th place just missing out on qualification to the National finals. Matt competing in the U14 Elite group performed 2 top quality routines to secure 2nd place and Jamie won the U19 novice group using his somersault for the first time.

The U13 team of Hannah, Sophie, Amy and Amber bounced simply superb routines showing excellent improvements in scores, they finished in =2nd place, however, on a cruel countback rule were placed 3rd and therefore did not qualify through to the finals.

The afternoon was highly focussed on our 2 Intermediate teams. Emily and Grace finished in 6th and 7th individually, their high scores along with Maddy’s score was easily enough for the Southern Zonal team champions title!

The U14s did not disappoint either with Eivie, Amelia and Emelie all bouncing brilliantly and posting great scores. It was just left to Anna who finished in an amazing 5th individually to boost our team score and secure the runners up position.


A fantastic set of results for the Senior Trampoline squad demonstrating 100% routine completion! 

In the U14 Novice section, the biggest group on the day, Becky bounced two amazing routines to become Croydon Schools Champion with Sophie in 2nd and Ally in 3rd - again jumping with great style and height. The A team of Becky, Ally, Caitlin (5th) and Georgia (12th) were victorious to win 1st place to become team champions.

They were closely followed by our B team of Sophie, Hannah (6th) and Melissa (16th). They beat other schools A teams showing our dominance!

Connor, competing in the U19 Novice section, performed two solid routines to easily win the event, a good preparation for the National Fnals in 3 weeks time.

In the U14 Elite section, Matt competed two great routines to finish 2nd by just 0.1 to a Year 9 student.  Matt performed the highest tariff in the whole competition - impressive.

Grace performed wo super routines to be crowned Croydon Schools Champion, followed by Anna in 2nd showing off her beautiful style and Amelia in 3rd just 0.1 behind -  what a great competition. Emelie (4th) made up the team who not surprisingly won the event!

In the U19 Elite group, Emily bounced brilliantly to claim the Croydon Schools title, with Maddy in 2nd and Ellie in 3rd after another set of great routines. The girls won the team event too.

A truly exceptional set of results, well done everyone. 

Southern Zonal Finals

The Trampoline squad travelled to Taunton in Somerset for the Southern Zonal trampoline finals. After a relaxing dinner Saturday night we were all ready for the competition.

In the U14 Intermediate group, Grace, Anna, Emelie and Ellie all bounced brilliantly using new routines with multiple somersaults, showing massive improvement from the regional qualifier. The team finished 4th, a fantastic achievement - well done.

In the Elite category, the highest level, Matt bounced against boys up to Year 9 and performed 2 great routines to finish a credible 7th - performing complex skills with somersaults and twists. Amelia also competed at the Elite level against Year 9 pupils and put in a solid performance to finish 9th, using an 8 somersault routine! Another 2 superb results.

To round off a great day, Connor bouncing in the U19 Novice group was an exceptionally focused performance with 2 cracking routines. He secured 2nd place and an individual spot at the National Schools Finals in Newcastle!