Sample Year 9 Papers

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Mathematics: ( 1 hour )

The paper is closely linked to the National Curriculum KS3 and part of it is calculator based.  There is no sample paper but the key topics are listed below:


Ordering numbers: odd, even, primes, squares, powers, square roots

Using percentages, fractions and ratios

Money problems

Rounding and estimating – to the nearest whole number, or to a given number of decimal places; and significant figures


Use of metric units and conversion from one unit to another

Use of negative numbers

Time – 24 hour clock; am/pm

Shape and Space

Using coordinates, straight line graphs; gradients; equations of simple graphs

Using transformations – reflection, rotation, translation and enlargement

Knowledge of angles – acute, obtuse; using a protractor; angles in triangles, quadrilaterals, parallel lines, use of bearings

Scale drawings and ratio; plans and models

Areas – of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, trapeziums

Volume of cubes and cuboids


Collecting terms and basic rules of algebra; substitution in formulas

Use of indices

Solving equations

Handling data

Finding simple probabilities

Use of pie charts and other diagrams

Calculating averages