Art and Design

Art and Design is taught throughout the School in mixed ability groups. The Department has highly experienced staff and a proven track record of success. This dynamic and fascinating subject offers creative and imaginative activity in a predominantly practical context. Pupils experience analytical thinking, problem solving and visual perception through theme based projects. There is an emphasis on experimentation and development of an independent work ethic. 

We teach a diverse range of skills from drawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography, sculpture and textiles. Pupils have a wide range of equipment at their disposal including a kiln for ceramic projects, reproduction equipment, digital cameras and photo editing software suites. 

Our Art Studios are situated for maximum light and the Department has facilities to work on large scale projects.  

Whilst educational visits are an integral part of our teaching, our pupils are also able to make full use of our picturesque woodland environment. 

Key Points 

  • Life skills through visual and spatial education
  • Transferrable skills for a range of occupations
  • Development of analytical skills and critical visual judgement and perception
  • Exposure to a wide range of skills, processes and techniques, using both traditional and new media.


A GCSE in Art and Design is vital for further study in fine art, architecture, sculpture, fashion, photography and highly desirable for pupils wishing to progress to film and media courses.

Studying GCSE Art and Design is more that just drawing and painting. Many careers in IT, Music and Technology amongst others have been developed with the help of Art and Design at GCSE.

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A Level

Many students continue their education in Art and Design to A level and progress in careers such as Fashion, Architecture, Photography and Graphic Design. Students find our advanced courses stimulating and broadening.

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