The Biology Department is part of a thriving Science Department at Royal Russell School.

Pupils are taught by specialist teachers from Year 8. Practical skills are a vital part of the IGCSE and A level, so practical and investigative work is carried out on a regular basis. Additional clubs and competitions are run throughout the year, including Biology Challenge Club and British Biology Olympiad.

IGCSE Separate Sciences

The IGCSE Science course begins in Year 9. Biology is taught as a separate subject by a specialist Biology teacher. 

The IGCSE Biology course covers a broad range of topics.  These include Human Biology topics such as the digestive, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems as well as genetics, methods of reproduction, photosynthesis and ecology. This course gives pupils the opportunity to explore a diverse range of biological topics which provides a thorough foundation should the pupils choose to continue studying Biology at A level in Years 12 and 13.

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A Level

A level Biology is both fascinating and challenging.  Topics such as cell biology, genetics, respiration, photosynthesis and many others are studied in greater detail. 

A world of exciting and popular opportunities are available to Biology graduates following university and can lead to careers in medicine, biochemistry, wildlife conservation and veterinary professions, zoological disciplines and marine biology to name but a few. 

Biology lessons are held in well-resourced laboratories within the Science block.  The extensive school grounds are used for fieldwork. 

A level Biology pupils attend a residential course at a Field Study Centre.

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