Design and Techology

Almost everything we touch and use in our everyday life has passed through the hands of a designer. From the pen we write with to the computer in our office, the chair we are sitting on, even the orange juice carton in our fridge.

The study of Design and Technology at Royal Russell allows pupils to explore the world of design through a myriad of focused practical tasks and project work.  Pupils enjoy ‘hands-on’ activities and there is no better way to learn than by experience!  We set design briefs that not only encourage pupils to be creative but will also teach them the necessary skills to communicate their ideas to others.  However, the real satisfaction comes in actually bringing their idea to life and to do this successfully, pupils are taught to accurately, and safely use the wide range of tools and equipment available in our two workshops.  Generating, developing and manufacturing an idea into a finished product is a rewarding experience. 

Our Facilities

  • Well equipped multimedia workshops including laser cutting technology 
  • Dedicated Design and Technology computer room with Computer-Aided Design software 
  • After school workshops for all examination groups.  


Design and Technology can be studied at GCSE level. Please click here to find out more about our GCSE option. 

A Level

Design and Technology is a genuinely creative subject that gives pupils real opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding from a broad range of other subjects. The skills developed make it an ideal support subject to the Humanities as well as offering a practical application to the Sciences and Maths.

Please click here to find out more about our A level course.


At both GCSE and A level, our pupils are given the opportunity to undertake a major design project of their own choice.  They identify a problem and in only one academic year they must research and analyse this problem, develop a working solution and then finally manufacture a fully working prototype for testing.  These projects are stimulating and challenging and pupils experience a real sense of achievement and the rewards are often considerable.