We aim to ensure that all of our pupils are given the opportunity to reach their full potential from the start of Year 7.  The Department benefits from a team of ten experienced teachers, sensitive to the needs of all pupils.

The Mathematics curriculum for Years 7 to 11 covers: number, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

In Year 7, pupils are banded by ability with a common scheme of work and assessments.  Full setting is from Year 8 onwards and regular assessments throughout the year allow us to change a pupil’s set where this is appropriate. 

Our most able pupils are stretched through a variety of internal and external Maths Challenge competitions and masterclasses, as well as an accelerated pace of work in our top sets.  

There is a network of support for pupils who need extra help in the form of a weekly support class in Year 7, a weekly drop in clinic for all year groups and in-lesson support for some classes. 

Fast Track Early Entry for GCSE Mathematics

A number of pupils in Year 10 may be entered for GCSE Mathematics a year early. They will only be entered if we are confident that they are likely to achieve a top grade in the examination.

In Year 11, these early entry pupils go on to study a Certificate in Further Mathematics which introduces them to higher level Mathematics. This places these pupils at a great advantage at the start of the A level course. 


For GCSE there are two tiers of examination entry in Mathematics, Higher and Foundation.

From June 2018, the grading for GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics will be on a numerical scale from 1 to 9. The Higher Tier examination covers grades 4 to 9 and the Foundation Tier examination covers grades 1 to 5. The tier of entry will be decided by the Mathematics Department so that each pupil is entered at the level in which they are most likely to obtain their best level of attainment. The vast majority of pupils at Royal Russell will sit the Higher Tier examination, however, some pupils may be entered for the GCSE Foundation Tier, if it is felt that they will achieve a higher grade this way.

The Department has a tradition of offering a range of revision classes, including holiday courses and weekly revision support sessions in the run up to exams.

We offer our strongest pupils the opportunity to take part in national mathematics competitions with notable successes.

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A Level

A good proportion of pupils at Royal Russell take A level Mathematics and the School has a record of producing the highest level of results, with many pupils going on to read Mathematics based degrees such as engineering, actuarial science and economics at Russell Group universities.

At A level, pupils study Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics. We offer a range of support to pupils, including a weekly A level Maths Clinic, and holiday revision classes.  For pupils applying to top Russell Group universities requiring them to take specialist maths papers, we offer individual one-to-one support.

We offer our strongest pupils the opportunity to take part in national mathematics competitions with notable successes, as well as annual enrichment maths study days at the University of London.

An A level in Maths is highly regarded by many employers and is a pre-requisite for a wide range of careers and degree courses, for example science, accountancy, finance and engineering.

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British Mathematics Olympiad

Aleksandra, Year 12 is awarded a Distinction in the 2017 British Mathematics Olympiad.
Having achieved a high Gold Award in the UK Senior Mathematics challenge, Aleksandra qualified for two demanding follow-up competitions. These included a three hour paper testing her mathematical problem solving abilities to the limit.
Congratulations to her on achieving both a Certificate of Distinction in the prestigious British Maths Olympiad and a Certificate of Merit in the UK Senior Kangaroo Competition.


Regional Final of UK Senior Maths Team Challenge

Congratulations to our team of Joan, Vincent, Ola and Tim for coming a creditable 5th place (out of 32 teams) in this competitive heat of the national contest, held on Wednesday at Ravens Wood School. The group will also be competing individually in the prestigious British Maths Olympiad next week.

Thanks to Mr Callow for his help in preparing the pupils for these various competitions.

UK Senior Maths Challenge Success

Congratulations to our Sixth Form Double Maths groups who have achieved 15 Gold, 8 Silver and 8 Bronze Certificates in the UK Senior Maths Challenge 2017, competing against pupils from all over the country earlier this month.

16 of our pupils have also qualified for the prestigious next round of the competition (British Maths Olympiad or Senior Kangaroo).

Best in School and in Year 13 was Joan Wang and Best in Year 12 was Ola Maciaszek, both of whom have been busy preparing with Mr Callow for the Regional Final of the UK Team Maths Challenge later this week.