Pastoral Care

Royal Russell has an excellent reputation for the high standard of pastoral care it offers all our pupils and many parents see this as one of our greatest strengths. 

Royal Russell prides itself on giving bespoke pastoral care to all pupils and on supporting their family ties.  We encourage an ethos of respect for oneself as well as for others in a supportive, caring and inclusive community.

Pastoral care begins with an underlying ethos of consideration and kindmess and is promoted when our staff work collaboratively for the good of the pupils.

Our ethos supports pupils' personal, social and emotional development and a culture of encouraging good behaviour and taking on resposibilty.  Pupils then develop self-confidence, learn to keep things in perspective and grow to be resilient.

All pupils are members of one of nine House and these are run by an experienced and sympathetic Housemaster or mistress, and a Deputy, alongside the Tutor team.  All Houses have prefects - senior pupils whose role is primarily pastoral - there is an onsite Medical Centre to deal with any health problems and a School Counsellor to whom pupils may turn to if they wish.  At the heart of the school is the Chapel which provides the moral and spiritual cradle for thw whole community, regardless of religious affiliation.

Our Tutoring System also plays an integral part in the day to day life of staff and pupils.  In addition to being members of a House, all pupils have a Tutor who is responsible for their academic and social well-being.  We pride ourselves on how staff set out to develop firm, meaningful, nurturing relationships, which enhance pupil's progress in all areas.

Each pupil is an individual, as well as part of a House.  Each needs an individual approach, which can only be developed through open channels of communication and time spent getting to know one another.  Through the regular email and telephone conversations between school and home and the informal chats at school events, we aim to establish warm friendly relationships with parents.  This helps us to understand their child and certainly helps us to deal more effectively with difficulties should they arise.

Our recent Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) inspection reported 'At all ages, pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent, they are self-aware, confident, tolerant and respectful.  Relationships throughout the school are excellent.'