With a good foundation in Chemistry, pupils will not only understand how to balance equations and discuss moles like a professional, but also get a better understanding of how real the world phenomena work.


At Royal Russell, IGCSE Chemistry, like both Biology and Physics, starts in Year 9; they follow the Edexcel IGCSE linear specification, with the opportunity to obtain seperate IGCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Chemistry is taught within the Department by a specialist subject teacher who is supported by a dedicated laboratory technician. The pupils benefit greatly from the practical nature of this subject and through teacher demonstartions, but mainly through the medium of practical class work.

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A Level

A level Chemistry is particularly important if pupils wish to follow careers in medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry or veterinary sciences, to name just a few.  Chemistry is a highly regarded subject by admissions tutors in many fields and not just Science related courses.  This is because the subject nurtures the ability to solve problems, use logical thinking, analyse data and carry out effective research.  Chemistry graduates are valuable in several types of employment and can contribute to a wide range of professions, from the industrial sector to financial companies.

Chemistry is a popular choice at A level and our current pupils follow the AQA course. As part of their eight timetabled lessons a week, pupils follow a bespoke course which prepares them for their practical assessments throughout the year. 

A level Chemistry builds directly on the IGCSE. Please click here to find out more about our A level Course. 

Enrichment and Co-Curricular

The Chemistry Department organise numerous trips and activities throughout the academic year. These include the following:

  • Key Stage 3 attendance at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry
  • A masterclass in Spectroscopy at Queen Mary University of London
  • Chemistry Club which involves many fun and challenging events and competitions for our IGCSE pupils with the direction and support of our A level pupils
  • ChemSoc where A level pupils can challenge themselves and each other with topics related to Chemistry